Why We Built midishare

midishare was created in response to the challenges we faced while developing sightread, a tool for piano learners. High-quality free educational MIDI files can be difficult to find. While many websites host free midi files, few provide files optimized for piano software.

MuseScore.com stands out as they have an extensive collection of both free and paywalled music. We highly recommend using their website if it fits your needs. Unfortunately, MuseScore shut down their API a few years back, even for their public domain music. This limitation is what ultimately led me to create midishare.

Currently, midishare is a redistribution of the most popular public domain music from MuseScore. Future enhancements will allow users to create accounts and upload files.

Public API

midishare exposes two public endpoints. They are not stable and will undergo changes as we scale the collection. Even if the API shape changes, the data will remain free forever1.


List MIDIs

Returns a list of available midi files along with their metadata.

Download a file

Returns a music file in the specified format.

Required parameters

  • Name
    The ID for the MIDI file to download.
  • Name
    mid | mp3 | mxl | pdf
    Specifies file format.

1: If there ever comes a time where we need to shut down this website, we will bundle up all of the static data and make them publicly accessible.